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    (Hovius, Hovis, Hovious)

    The name Hofius, sometimes changed in Hovis, Hovius or Hovious, comes in all known cases from 2 or 3 different origin areas in germany.

    Today most research is done on the descendants of Viricus Hofius, who was born about 1651 on the Hoffmannshof, a farm at Hamborn near Duisburg in Germany. Other origins of Hofius are settled in the Sauerland area (Bad Laasphe / Feudingen) and in the area of Ilbesheim/Kirchheimbolanden in the Pfalz. Possible connections between these different families in some cases could be excluded, in some other cases are not finally researched.

    The first person called Hofius in our family was the pastor Viricus Hofius. Here you find Information about

    Here you find some other Web-Sources about family research on Hofius/Hovius/Hovis/Hovious:

    On the following page you find a (a bit overaged) compilation of Hofius-Links on the WWW.

    If you have any questions, hints or suggestions what I could add on this homepage: please write an email to christianmail1@hofius.de.

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